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Exactly where to start?

Will it have a beginning and an end? Like any good story ...

I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to write a novel.

Apart from my close friends, you will not be able to disentangle the true from the false, the real from the dream, the spiritual from the pragmatic, the seriousness of the playful, fantasy of the consumed ...

But it's also how interesting!

Let this intro and enter the heart of the matter!


-My Darling, you shall be careful! You shall stand at me as often as possible current please! And you take lots of pictures! And ...

-And I have fun without moderation! Me eyeful, intensely enjoy every moment! I promise my darling ... And I think of you, and my children, and I would more fired up than ever!

-... Oh lala I'd go with you!

- You will be with me my darling, my thoughts ...

My friend hugged me with all her might, we are in the queue for the record, my excitement was at its height. I'm flying to Hawaii!

Martine sends me one last kiss, she filled perfectly the role of friend and heart mom that I told her. It is her first I thought, to keep my kids for two weeks I digress to my life.

In the Indian line of people exhausted by the early hour, I prances and stress, from every pore of my skin.

And if something was wrong?

If my passport, my luggage or other were not in order?

I consume all my energy to silence this mental anguish and who seeks to lead me through the maze of fear of the unknown ....

Finally I go to the next check-in, when a man wearing the insignia of United Airlines, the company that I have to take up to me.

- Hello, (his American accent is very pronounced) can I ask you what is your destination?

- Hello, yes of course, I go to Honolulu.

- So you have a transit in San Francisco is that right?

- Yes, yes, why? A problem?

My mind jumps at the chance, and within 3 seconds, he made the rounds of all the possible catastrophic scenarios.


- No, United Airlines would like to propose you to take the next flight to San Francisco, due to overbooking. In compensation we offer you $ 400 gift voucher to spend in all hostels and restaurants partners. And of course, we will take care to ensure a different connection to your destination ...

- Well, that's nice ... but you see, this is my first trip to the United States, and I'd rather keep actually planned.

A woman behind me just connects so lovable, even before he had time to ask her.

- No, no, thank you but I want to go home quickly.

She makes me a nod as the man back in line to ask other passengers.


- I just returned from a 3 week holiday here, it was good but my beach and my waves I miss me, she informs.

- I understand.

I do not try to continue the conversation, for she does not inspire me confidence.

She seems to have in her fifties, but with the look of a surfer who does not want to grow old. Blonde discolored, swollen lips doubtfully ...

I make an effort to stop the early judgment shows its face in my mind, and fortunately it's finally my turn to register.

Everything is going very well, and quickly.


Good because the clock is ticking, and I barely have time to smoke a last cigarette in a smoking room, before rushing to the gate.

The new queue for passing security seems like an eternity.

So I start chatting with people around me. Not all take the same plane, and I met a retired couple who go to see their daughter in Cuba, where she is installed. We realize that boarding already started, for their flight as mine, and again my anxiety arises. I'll miss my plane! I console myself with the thought that I will always be the option that I have to decline but my being revolts at the idea! This is the one I have to take, I do not know why but I do.


45 endless minutes passed, and I am reassured to discover my delayed flight.

Finally, I slumped in my seat, 32 A side window ... as I like.

Already I put me at ease, I withdraw my big hiking boots, praying that I did not have time to sweat, and I am not responsible for evacuation of the aircraft because of General asphyxiation ...

Phew! This is good!

I spill my seat and exhaled a deep sigh.



I immerse my gaze on the tarmac, providing my mind made. There is pleasure in torturing me, turning to my children that I feel abandoned.

A voice startled me.

-Pfiuuuu I thought would never happen!

A young man sits down next to me. The look a bit highbrow, wearing shirt and glasses, but with a friendly face.

He smiled at me, I smile too ...

And less than 3 minutes later, here we are talking and laughing like old friends.

Obviously I'm thrilled! What better way to dodge my mind and my anguish, a good company?

The few 12 hours passed with him, rose like a dream, and I am surprised to discover San Francisco under our feet.

We talked, laughed, exchanged our lives, looked rotten films him in English and I in French, trying to synchronize pictures of our screens. I even slept on his shoulder ...



He explained that he was a research scientist, he had just spent a week in San Francisco for work, and had planned symposia on the subject of laser controlling pollution or something like that. I also learned that he was married and separated with a depressive and alcoholic Russian ADDITION ...

He comes from Grenoble but lives in Paris, currently co-location, as he left his apartment to his future ex-wife. He is 36 years old, even if he makes 25, has no children. I understand he is overbooked in his work because he is trying to start his own company



Our discussions were both light and deep, intimate and sexually immoral and serious in the comic.

At one point, while he was talking to me, I notice in his left eye in the middle of brown, a task that appears yellow and green at a time. I do not know why but it is familiar to me. It's fun because we just watch a movie on the subject, "I Origins." This film raises the possibility of recognizing a reincarnated soul through his ward, color and shape of the latter being every single time and can not be in two different places on the planet at the same time.



- It's nice that task in your eye, I can not resist saying it.

- What? Ah yes, it's funny that you've seen, because few people pay attention to this detail.

I quickly changed the subject because I'm afraid he takes me for a crazy if I tell him that it is not unknown to me. And I do not want him to think I want to seduce him, especially with something as mundane as: if we would not have met in another life?


Besides, I do not feel that there is seduction of us, it's just that everything seems so natural!

Off the plane, before leaving, we exchange numbers, in friendship.

I stick him two kisses a little faster because I want to have time to grill me a cigarette before jumping into my second plane that will take me to Honolulu.

I leave without looking back, already absorbed by the whole course of my adventure ...




Seeking love me-me.
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